About Us

Parking at Indiana University

We’re here to expedite the efficient flow of traffic on all IU campuses and provides parking facilities for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.


Indiana Code (IC) 21-39-5-2 stipulates that laws governing the movement, operation, and parking of motor vehicles shall apply on university property.

The board of trustees of a state educational institution may regulate the traffic of motor vehicles, bicycles, other vehicles, and pedestrians on all real property owned, used, occupied, or controlled by the state educational institution. Regulations applicable to traffic and parking may include:

  • Provisions governing the registration, speed, operation, and parking and the times, places, and manner of use of motor vehicles, bicycles, and other vehicles.
  • Provisions prescribing penalties for the violation of regulations. Penalties may include:
    • Imposition of reasonable charges;
    • Removing and impounding (at the expense of the violator) vehicles that are operated or parked in violation of regulations; and
    • Denial of permission to operate vehicles on the property of the state educational institution.


We are a self-supporting service and receive no funding from the state of Indiana, the university budget, or student fees. Our sole financial support comes from user service charges that are applied to all vehicles operated on university property.

Income derived from the sale of parking permits and from the collection of monetary penalties assessed under parking regulations is used for the administration, maintenance, and improvement of parking facilities.


Indiana University reserves the right to temporarily close any campus parking area or facility or to change the alphabetic designation of any parking area.

Amendments to the parking rules and regulations will be announced in campus newspapers and other appropriate media. Any such changes shall not be cause for appealing a parking citation.

At no time will the employees of Parking Operations and Enforcement be subject to verbal or physical abuse, including being threatened, cursed, or assaulted in any fashion. Any such abuse will be reported to the appropriate university authorities for disciplinary action.