License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology at IU

We continually search for opportunities to improve the customer experience and improve our efficiencies by adopting new solutions available in our industry. As part of our long-term strategic plan, we're implementing LPR technology on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses.

How LPR works

LPR works much like a supermarket scanner but it uses your vehicle's plate in place of a barcode. The license plate is captured by readers mounted on enforcement vehicles or inside parking garages. When read, the numbers of your plate are automatically referenced against the parking database to verify proper parking privileges for the parking location.

What you need to do

Other than those in visitor parking spaces and pay lots, vehicles parked on our campuses are required to be registered with us and to properly display a permit.

For LPR to be effective, the license plate information for all vehicles on your account must be accurate.

To register a vehicle and update your information:

  • Create or log into your parking account
  • Select Vehicles on the top navigation
  • Add license plate and vehicle information
  • Click Add Vehicle

To remove a vehicle from your account:

  • Click the plate number
  • Click the delete button

Enter the IU Parking Portal

LPR and parking at Bloomington and IUPUI

LPR technology is already being used on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses.

To avoid receiving a warning or citation when you park on these campuses you need to:

  • Display your university parking permit on your dash or hanging from your rearview mirror.
  • Park your vehicle so that the state issued license plate is facing the driving lane or street.

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